An Online Program to help you

Create and Package your Skillsets.

A Step by Step Process to Market and Sell your Brilliance.

It’s time for More Impact, More Income and More Ideal Clients. It’s time to Design Your Signature System.


:: Create unique irresistible offers that stand out.

No more samey samey, this is your time to shine, uniquely you.


:: Become known for your unique offer and be the go-to expert in your field.

Perfect your offer and unique process of work and start to leverage your time.


:: Market and sell your services with grace and ease. 

Attract your ideal client and get clear on what it is you are really selling.


:: Attract high end clients ready to invest more and commit to working with you for longer.

No more trading dollars for hours, flat out and burnt out.


:: Embrace your true value and finally step into your expert status. 

No more wandering how to capture your value and put a price on what it is you do.


:: Say goodbye to overwhelm and over delivering.

No more trading dollars for hours, feeling stressed, exhausted and resentful.


:: Say hello to more ideal clients and yes finally, love what you do AND the profit it brings. 

You’ve seen others do it and know it’s possible, now it’s your turn!


Your Signature System is the program or product that springs to mind when people hear your name or see your brand. It’s what you are known for. Your work, your process. The results you bring, the difference you make in the lives of your clients. This is your core offer, wrapped up in your signature system.

Ready to make it happen?



An Online Program to help you create and package your expertise for profit.

“Because Hope isn’t a Business Strategy.”



I’m Helen Roe, of helenroe.com. I’m a business growth strategist and success coach for extraordinary women. I’ve been perfecting signature systems for global million dollar brands for over sixteen years and now I help driven women entrepreneurs do the same.

I take big brand strategies and align them with heart centred business owners like you, to help you deliver value and above all profit, in alignment with your passion and purpose (aka creating signature systems!).

I jumped from a comfortable six figure jet setting corporate career and literally built the parachute on the free fall. I did get one thing very wrong, however. I had no idea how to package me. I was great at managing it for global brands, but I soon realised I had more to learn. And so I did just that and continue to invest and learn from the best.

I blend my commercial experience with online success strategies to bring clarity, confidence and cash to my clients and the work they do.

Working harder is not working smarter. It’s nursing a hobby rather than the six figure plus business you dreamt of.

“It’s time for change, to really showcase your skills and present, market and deliver them like the true expert that you are.”


You bring the passion, the skills and together we’ll package them into something beautiful that you can be proud of and profit from. 

Step up and shine. 

Let’s Design Your Signature System. 

Helen Roe


Here’s a peak at what we’ll cover in this online program.



A comprehensive acceleration pack delivered one week before we kick off, to get you revved up and raring to go! This is all about you and your expertise.

Crystal clarity and who you serve.

Your target market like you’ve never seen before. Reaching out and building relationships with the people that will help your business move from so so to soaring.

Understanding what it really is you offer. 

A dynamic approach to uncovering your true strengths and how to incorporate these into your signature system.



Let’s Create your Signature System.

– Your Value. We dive into what you are really offering your audience and why it’s not what you think it is.

– You learn how to avoid this one big mistake when creating your packages and offers.

– You ‘get’ why the whole ‘features tell, benefits sell’ story and learn when and where to focus on both, for your signature system.




Let’s Refine your Signature System.

– We bring together your Value, Your Brand and Your Features and Benefits and put some shape on your offer.

– Learn what topics, headlines and program outcomes have real potential and will maximise your program success.

– Identify platforms and delivery tools best suited to your program

– Create an outline and next steps for your signature offer.



Let’s Price your Signature System.

– Da da da. It’s here, the pillar to your signature system, and sanity! We talk money but first, we get clear on your positioning and where your Signature System fits in within your overall portfolio.

– You’ll implement a step by step process for pricing your work, in a way that works and feels, well, just completely and absolutely awesome!

– We look at the essential stuff like payment plans, discounts, bonuses, guarantees and very important things like when a prospect asks for a discount or tells you they would love to work with you but can’t afford to.



Let’s Deliver your Signature System.

– This module takes your beautiful package and delivers it into the hands of those who really want and need it. Sales, lovely. It doesn’t have to be icky or uncomfortable or hard.

– We support your signature system with sales strategies that start long before ‘the sale’ and work keep working, even when you’re not.

– You implement a sales page formula that leads to conversions and happy clients.



This is not bonuses upon bonuses, for the sake of it. Bigger is not better, right? (we’ll talk more about that during the program). I’ve carefully selected a bonus that will inspire you, uplift you and move you into action.

Glowing Success Summit Digital VIP Pack.

VIP digital goodies from the online Glowing Success Summit that I hosted recently. Ten incredible women sharing their personal success strategies, their unique signature systems, their aha’s and their do’s and don’ts in building a thriving business. (RSP US$97). Take a peek here.



“Helen has been amazing at guiding me in the process of refining my packages. She showed me the value of recognising what is the uniqueness I bring to my own business and using this the to generate more connection with past and potential clients.

She utilises great tools to visually map out this personal and business connection to evolve into the basis for my marketing plan.It helped refine my vision for my new website, embrace who I am and use this to re-build the foundation of my approach to my work.

Contact Helen, be ready to open yourself to evolving how you currently work and be brave to try new approaches in how you sell yourself, your business and embrace your own voice in everything you do. Her gorgeous accent helps too!!”

Tracy Lee Photography



“Helen is such fun to work with! She really allowed me as a client to open up and express what I was looking for and how to obtain not only a direction with regards to services but also who to attract target market wise.

She gave me direction and a story behind the why a client should work with me. She has really helped me to step into the limelight and not lose my focus on my clients.”

Suzzi Hartery, Nourished Hub



“Helen helps you express your business with total confidence and makes your product sound amazing; none of the holding back or resisting that you would find trying to express it by yourself.

She works fast, is responsive and from the beginning got what I was trying to achieve in my business. She completely met my expectations.”

Siobhan Palmer, Canberra Dinner Rush



FionaEasyBreezy“I was overwhelmed and lacking in confidence. After working with Helen, I’ve gained a much better understanding of my clients’ needs, overhauled my offerings, pricing and marketing content. I got stuff done!

I feel more confident in my offerings and am better positioned as a leading expert in my target market.”

Fiona Amarasinghe, Easy Breezy Parties



Design Your Signature System is one single payment of US $99. Yes, that’s all! This program includes strategies I use with my private client programs (which start at $2,995) and I’ve wanted for some time to make this accessible to others who are unable, for whatever reason, to invest that amount.

Yes, the price of Design Your Signature System is craaazy good value! All the more reason to not hold back. It’s time to get your work out there, in a bigger way. This current launch price will only be available for a limited period.




Who is Design Your Signature System for?

Business owners and creative entrepreneurs who have an online service based businesss.

Go getters who are unsure how to package and present their skills to maximise their customer experience whilst making a healthy profit.

Movers and action takers. This course is all about ‘getting it done’ and delivers at a steady pace that allows that to happen. It will deliver results for you when you take the action.

Doers. I’m a doer and really for me that’s how I work with my clients, from a ‘doing’ place. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel ready, you experience resistance around pricing, putting it out there, whatever. That’s all normal. Once you’re a doer that’s all that matters.

Who is Design Your Signature System NOT for?

Product based businesses. This program focuses on service based businesses.

Business owners who would like one to one coaching and need personal accountability. Check out my private coaching for that.

Someone who is looking for a ready made solution on how to package and sell their services. You get the framework, the guidance but ultimately YOU have to make this work and implement the systems.

Course junkies! Have you finished your last program, if not why? What is it that worked or didn’t work. Of course I’d love to have you here but only if you’re ready to do the work and follow through, til the end. Results baby!


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q What makes this different to other online programs?

The length for a start. I’m all about action so this program is a concise 4 week period (plus one week orientation). Design Your Signature System takes you step by step through a process you can use again and again for creating new offers that sell. The intention is not to burden you with more content that you have then to go off and implement ‘some other time.’ It’s about learning, implementing and results!

Q How is the program delivered?

Once you register you will receive an email with confirmation and details of your private access to the membership site. All your materials for the program will be available to you straight away. This is a self paced program where you can access the materials as you need them. There is no drip feed week by week. Although it’s recommend you follow the program in sequence by all means take more or less time to complete each of the modules. The goal is to get results and outcomes.

Q Why is the program so affordable?

This program includes strategies I use with my private clients (which start at $2,995) and I’ve wanted for some time to make this accessible to others who are unable, for whatever reason, to invest that amount. Yes Design Your Signature System price is craaazy good value, all the more reason to not hold back. It’s time to get your work out there, in a bigger way.

Q What format is all the material?

There is a mixture of notes, worksheets, templates, scripts and audio. The program is broken down into step by step modules that flow in a manageable sequence. Each week a new module is released and you received notification of this via email.

Q How long is the program and how much time will I need to spend on it a week?

This ecourse is four weeks long with one week orientation orientation before the course kicks off. Weekly hours required vary based on an individuals work style however at least two hours a week is recommended.

Q Is there an opportunity to ask questions?

Indeed there is! There is a private community for all Design Your Signature System students with regular Q&A hours for further support and connection.

Q Do I have to complete the program in the 4 weeks? 

It’s totally up to you as this is a self paced program. However the four week timeframe gives structure and builds momentum so you actually make things happen! However, life can get in the way and if something comes up and you miss a week or two, you have lifetime access to the material and can jump back on track when it works for you.

Q Do you offer Refunds?

I have complete confidence in this program, however if for some reason you are not happy then I can offer a refund. However, refund requests must be made at the latest mid program (week 2) and it is a requirement that all course material be completed up to that point and submitted to demonstrate your participation in the program.

Q Do I need to have my business up and running to participate in this program?

No, you can still participate and get incredible value preparing these essential foundations for your business before you launch.

Q What happens when I click on the Buy Now button and proceed to payment?

You will be required to make a US $99 payment via Paypal where you may choose to use the credit card option. Once your payment has been processed you will hear from us and receive access to all your materials straight away.

Let’s say goodbye to the scattered, spreading yourself thin approach. It’s time for change. It’s time to Design Your Signature System!




Current launch price available for limited period.


“Helen has a unique and fresh way of approaching business. I’ve been inspired to think outside the box, with some new approaches that don’t seem so daunting!

Helen listens to your business needs and suggests practical and useful solutions. This inspiration has also given me renewed confidence in marketing my business. She has a big heart!”

Virginia Wells, Get Well Sorted



“Helen really changed my focus straight away so that I moved from procrastinating and hiding out ‘behind the scenes’ to actually getting started!

Helen really got me thinking about my business and coached me towards putting definite plans in place. She asks all the right questions and has tons of resources!  I would highly recommend Helen, she’s honest, knowledgeable, creative and fun! A great combo!”


Joanna Roy, Wellness Coach at Joanna Roy


“Helen is an excellent strategist who offers a creative approach to making things happen. Her desire for excellence is apparent at all times and she approaches each situation in a strategic and planned way.

Helen has great leadership skills with an enthusiasm and skill that inspires creatives to ‘up their marketing game’ driving growth and success in their business.”

Patricia Ryall, Duchas Coaching

It’s time to step into your brilliance and package your expertise for profit.






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